Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


Tue 30 april joint session with unit B

9:45 pin up your work in unit b space
Start review 10.00
All to attend and participate.


drawing inspiration

Some inspiration for final presentation drawings here. Watch this space, I will add to this...


Catherine du Toit Lecture - Thu 25 Apr 6pm AVA

This lecture is a must for all unit A students again. We strongly recommend you to go and see this, despite busy times. 51% Studios are an intersting practice working rather unconventionally and across a wide range of domains and scales, questioning the role and expectations of the profession.


Tim Ronalds Lecture Thu 18 Apr 18.00

Everybody should try to attend this. Very relevant to Unit A agenda this year. Public buildings, etc.

Tim Ronalds will try to describe in straightforward terms, using examples, how the team goes about the practice of architecture – their set up, and how they collaborate in the office, find work, develop designs, work with engineers and work with contractors to build their buildings. Tim Ronalds Architects mostly design arts, education and public buildings; for clients who are building for their own use. This is less common nowadays than it used to be. Tim will show the projects they completed last year – Ironmonger Row Baths and the University of Kent Music Building, and the schemes they are currently working on to explain how they work.


Tue 16 / Fri 19 April Final Crits

The final crit next week will be organised in two sessions. Half of Unit A (see names below) will present on Tuesday 16th - the other half on Friday 19th. Please assume the list as set - we have no scope for change due to overall student numbers and limited hours in the day! Sorry.

We expect to see your key elements of semester one (threshold observations / 1:1 material studies (physical stuff / models /etc bing it in!) and sem1 threshold in context) in selected form, and the entire semester two/three with site analysis, massing studies, sequences, your process work (including all working models), complete set of building proposal with all neccessary plans sections, details + visualisations of key scenarios / moments with occupation. Important that Whitechapel context is communicated in your drawings. Refer to full list of requirements as per earlier blog post / hand-out. Plans and sections must be printed at 1:100 and large enough for a wall presentation.

Invited guest critics:
Angela Spencer (formerly EAST)
Bruno Silvestre (BS-Architecture)
Daniel Burn (Hawkins/Brown)
Jack Case
Nick Green
Norbert Kling (zectorarchitects)


Friday 12 April - Structures Tutorials with HEYNE TILLETT STEEL

We will do a special structures tutorial on Friday 12 Apr. For this we have invited structural engineer Robert Knight from HEYNE TILLETT STEEL. (they also worked on the Young Vic Theatre)

We expect every Level 3 student to attend this day at the indicated time. This  opportunity is not to be missed. As mentioned previously - please bring with you a structural model at scale 1:200 / 1:100. You will discuss you structural strategy and need to bring options/ research / load-diagrams (vertical and horizontal load transfers), plans / sections, 1:20 section, your material studies sem1 and other key drawings necessary to have a constructive dialouge with your personal structural consultant.