Unit A

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Tue 16 / Fri 19 April Final Crits

The final crit next week will be organised in two sessions. Half of Unit A (see names below) will present on Tuesday 16th - the other half on Friday 19th. Please assume the list as set - we have no scope for change due to overall student numbers and limited hours in the day! Sorry.

We expect to see your key elements of semester one (threshold observations / 1:1 material studies (physical stuff / models /etc bing it in!) and sem1 threshold in context) in selected form, and the entire semester two/three with site analysis, massing studies, sequences, your process work (including all working models), complete set of building proposal with all neccessary plans sections, details + visualisations of key scenarios / moments with occupation. Important that Whitechapel context is communicated in your drawings. Refer to full list of requirements as per earlier blog post / hand-out. Plans and sections must be printed at 1:100 and large enough for a wall presentation.

Invited guest critics:
Angela Spencer (formerly EAST)
Bruno Silvestre (BS-Architecture)
Daniel Burn (Hawkins/Brown)
Jack Case
Nick Green
Norbert Kling (zectorarchitects)