Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


Fri 24 Feb 14.00 Lecture

Please all attend lecture on Friday at 14.00 - I will show and talk about sectional drawings and also about a rather special building by Hugo Häring.

Tutorials as usual from 10.00 onwards

For those who used Lewerentz's Church of St Peter as building precedent from the field-trip to Denmark, I have come across an analysis by Simon Unwin about the building and have uploaded the illustrated article to our unit A dropbox, (see field-trip / sigrud lewerentz / Simon Unwin - Church of St Peter_Sigurd Lewerentz). It is also contained in his book "Twenty buildings every architect should understand", that is well worth reading. (available at the library)


Jan de Vylder talk

ARCH+ features 40: Jan DE VYLDER from ARCH+ on Vimeo.

I came across this lecture by Flemish Architect Jan DeVylder and think this could be useful to watch in relation to where you currently are in your design process. He talks about how ideas are translated at various scales (from furniture to small buildings) into architectural proposals. It would be great if you could also start to think about materials, thresholds and the construction (structural aspect) of your proposal. 30 min. enjoy.

1:2000 Model of London

Upon visiting the Building Centre, I got to see interesting information in the style of an exhibition about London as a 'Built City'. The best feature for me personally was the large interactive 1:2000 scale model of Central London. The model details the London landscape with roads, bridges, viaducts, parks and almost every building that is currently built, plus ones that are proposed, approved or under construction. As an interactive model, a video presentation about London as a built City plays on a nearby screen and the model illuminates itself with statistical information from the video. The model includes parts of north and south London and a long stretch of east to west London (including our UEL Docklands campus). The southern portion of the River Lea (Thames - Olympic Site), unfortunately is all that is present on the model, however I believe that the model should still be experienced first hand.

Also present at the Building Centre is statistical information about London as a whole focusing on roads, bridges, traffic, public transport, commuting in Greater London, population, green spaces and future plans for the city, highlighting certain areas that have the feasibility to be improved. Around the model, are details on the wall about each London borough focusing on each local council's plans for their boroughs in the form of redevelopments. There is plenty of useful information on the boroughs that are relevant to our River Lea project (Haringey, Hackney, Waltham Forest etc.) focusing on potential growth areas, future infrastructure and architectural visions. While I was there, coincidentally members of the public were meeting inside the building Centre for a speech presentation given by members of the Greater London Authority I believe, about plans for London (in this case - cycling) and were open for debate over their proposals. This was on a Friday around 12pm and heard that there was going to be another meeting the Friday after, which could mean that visiting on a Friday especially could give you the chance of seeing and even engaging in a speech about future plans for London.

The Building Centre is located at 26 Store St, Fitzrovia, London WC1E 7BT just off of Tottenham Court Road and is open to the public from Monday - Saturday. Visit their website for any further information.

Further info on this can be found on unit A dropbox, LINK here

written by Jonan Momodu, 19 Feb 2016


mapping drawings



Fri 5 Feb Open Jury 10.00 Unit A

Like in previous years, the Open Jury and Lectures takes places in the AVA Building at the University of East London, from 4 - 5 February 2016.

  The public event welcomes all students, members of staff and people who are interested in architectural studies. It is a unique opportunity to see work in progress and to share the diversity of Architecture at UEL.  

This year again, the Open Jury and Lectures is organised in such a way that it is like a two day ‘mid-term exhibition‘, with individual design Units presenting work in progress.