Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


Fri 29 Jan - 10.00 Charrette re-cap / 14.00 Lecture

Friday is a full day in the studio for reflecting on all the work you have produced during the last 3 Charrette workshops.

We will start (with your own tutors again) at 10.00 and will do this through tutorials in small groups.
It is critical that you bring all your work from the charrettes with you and have reflected on key design moves you made.

Should you have missed one workshop - it is essential that you catch up on this work. ESPECIALLY charrette No. 2 SPATIAL SEQUENCE MODEL. Everybody needs to have a sequence model by Friday + the other outcomes from No.1 + No.3

Please have model-making tools as well as drawing tools with you to work in the studio. 

14.00 Lecture

I will show and talk about two architectural projects that are relating in a particular way to their urban context / landscape. This should be pretty relevant to your designs and thinking about your proposals at this stage. Attendance critical!


Fri 22 Jan 10.00 Charrette No.2 - Spatial Sequence Model

What to to bring :

-1:200 cross section through your project site printed out e.g. on A1 sized sheet. A simple line drawing is sufficient.

-model making tools: cutter, cutting mat, scissors, ruler, scale ruler, masking tape, wood-glue, etc.

-some coloured / textured paper / card for highlighting (bulk of model making material will be provided by school!)

Make sure you on time for the 10.00 introduction to the workshop, which will be critical for prodcuing outcome on the day.

Tue 19 Jan Charrette No.1 Massing

more photos on our unit A dropbox