Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


brief / building programme references

I have uploaded a few references in regards to building briefs / functional programmes - just in addition to the many buildings we saw on our field-trip. As you can see most are very specific to their social, cultural and spatial context. hope this is useful?

Eichbaumoper - Raumlabor Berlin


Canal steps Grannary square - Kings Cross


Living under one sun - Tottenham


RIFT Tottenham


Blue Plan copenhagen - Tredje Natur & PK3


Hasle habour bath - White

LINK White
LINK archdaily

Freshwater bathing pond Kings Cross - Ooze Architects & Marjetica Potrč (artist)


Naturbad Riehen - Herzog deMeuron


Tue 1 Dec - Lockwood Reservoir site visit

On Tuesday 1 December we will visit the Lockwood Reservoir and meet the London Wildlife Trust (that currently looks after the site in conjunction with Thames Water). For this we will set off from the school around 12.00 together as a group using public transport (as last time heading to Tottenham Hale station via Stratford). Finish approx 17.00

Make sure you attend this - as this will be the only chance to gain access into the reservoirs. 
More on this Friday.

Normal studio tutorials between 10.00 - 12.00

Fri 27 Nov Tutorials

tutorial running list for Friday is in this order:
(If you were seen Tuesday - free to work in the studio anyway - I will have time to look over field-trip drawing progress - which really should be wrapped up this week)



Tue 24 Nov

Studio tutorials from 10.00 onwards. sign-up, etc.

We are having a unit meeting at 12.00.
This will be about the next steps / project sites / building briefs.
It's critical for everybody to attend this.

Please bring your complete work with you during the next weeks tutorials.

Please bring also your field-trip drawings which you did last week.

Y3: Please also bring your last years portfolios with you.
(A3 reduction is also OK) we need to know what you did last year!


Evening lecture by ELEMENTAL - from 17.00.
We strongly suggest everybody to go to this - as usual


Tue 10 Nov - Field-trip briefing meeting 16.30

Hello - just to say after the pin-up tomorrow (see earlier post) we are meeting for a short briefing on the field-trip. I will also hand you a printed copy of the field-trip guide we collectively made. Everybody must attend this.


Tue 10 Nov PIN-UP

As shown in our timetable we are planning to do a pin-up /  review on Tue 10th November and expect to see all work you have done so far on the wall (full-size) (this includes models / mould-making. We expect to see also a few more casts - as discussed).

We expect everybody to present their work and attend the entire day.

This is an important stage of your project, reflect on what you have produced so far, as we will be setting off later that week onto our field-trip - and you need to be clear about your interests to make this worthwhile.

It's important that you finish all of your drawings you have started (including those in the two recent drawing workshops. sectional axo of cast/mould-making and sectional axo of landscape observation) as well as additional drawings / sheets you may need to explain your personal observations from various visits to site and study area...

We encourage you to work very hard on all the above this week to produce as much as you can for the pin-up.

For those of you that missed yesterdays drawing workshop No.2 - please have a look at the introduction here and speak to colleagues to catch up.

sectional axo landscape workshop:

Fri 6 Nov Field-trip guide workshop

We will collate and finalise the field-trip guidebook (based on everybodys A4 page(s)) on Friday starting from 10.00 in the studio.

Please bring your computers and of course your indesign page and the research you have done.

As per briefing last Friday - please check unit A drop-box for what building you have been assigned to research for the field-trip. Please produce one A4 page on it using the Indesign template and have ready for field-trip guide workshop on Friday 6 November.


Tue 3 Nov - drawing workshop No.2 10.00 - 17.00

As mentioned last Friday we will be doing another drawing workshop tomorrow. (landscape scale!)
Please bring with you:
- all your drawn sections through the study area and project sites. (long and cross sections)
- a print out of a plan / os map
- a couple of sheets A1 tracing paper or computer  - depending how you will draw....

We are starting with an introduction to the workshop at 10.00 sharp.

Field-trip Copenhagen & Malmö

Field-trip guide: 
As per briefing last Friday - please check unit A drop-box for what building you have been assigned to research for the field-trip. Please produce one A4 page on it using the Indesign template and have ready for field-trip guide workshop on Friday 6 November.

Here is a map of buildings / projects for our field-trip. This is work-in-progress and might be useful to navigate once we are there (simply bookmark on your phone...)
LINK to map

Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos Lecture Tue 3 Nov

Nieto Sobejano have produced rather interesting landscape and public realm projects - this could be relevant in relation to our study area and project site... I recommend everybody to see this!