Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


sketch model workshop


political precedence

here is more political precedence project that takes on a larger urban territory and deals with sequential transformation over time. LINK

intervention & brief precedence

Here are is an example of an architectural response to an existing site condition (a topographical edge). I thought this might be useful as your sites are all slightly unusual.

A new space is inserted here, but also a new type of connection created between the two levels. Intertesting for you at this stage is maybe that there is a formal programme inside the new space (library), and an informal programme above, that is solely generated by the roof.  Very resourceful and strategic. LINK


Fri 23 Jan sketch model workshop | 10.00 - 18.00

We will start the sketch model workshop at 10.00 sharp with an introduction.
the workshop will last the entire day and we will have a short pecha-kucha style presentation at the end.

you will need to have your finished site model in 1:500 (1mm grey card) with you. (obviously)
Please bring the following model making materials and tools:

- model-making tools, incl. cutter, ruler (scale-ruler), cutting-mat, scissors, etc. (or adequate other underlay to cut things)

- wood-glue and masking tape, etc. (NO glue-guns!)

- model making materials, e.g. all kind of other card than grey card (which you made your model of): white card / other coloured card / cardboard / or something like a recycled or left over bits (e.g. cereal box!?)  all approx. 1mm thick and flat.  Also bring a few sheets of different kind of textured paper or / newspaper / tracing paper / etc.

Please bring the three following sheets from your portfolio print-ed out as A4/A3 size:
(you have done that work, simply print. if hand-drawn bring hand-drawing.) Those three sheets will be a critical resource / starting point for the workshop and are important to have at hand on the day. Don't forget them.

1. sheet with Urban axo with furniture intervention
2. sheet with Axo drawing of cast / mould, showing Junction / new spatial quality
3. sheet with your key field-trip precedence (Cologne) drawn up