Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


Fri 19 Dec - 13.30 meet up entire unit

It would be great to meet up with all of you briefly at 13.30 today before everybody shots off into the Christmas break.

I will hand out your feed-back sheets with comments and marks from Tuesday - but have also some general thoughts I would like to share with you before this term is over.

See you in the studio at 13.30


Mid year reviews

Following students will present on Tuesday, 16th:
Aaron, Darlyn, Damola,  Klevi ,  Janquiel ,  Jonan, fillippos,  Elias, Gannaty, puja, hassan, Nicoletta, Marija, Viviane, silas, yaprak.

Rest of students on Friday, 19th:
Andreas, ola, Jose, karwan, shiduo

Running order will be announced on the day. (Different from above list).
Make sure you are all there before 10.00. (If not you will not present)


drawing requirements Mid Year Review

Please find attached list of drawings - as a general / minimum guideline  - of what you are expected to show for the MID YEAR REVIEWS next week.

As previously announced we will run this as an open crit / wall presentation, which means you will have to print all your work in full size (A1) / or bring original sized hand-drawings and all of your work done this year and pin this to the wall.

make sure that you also bring along all of your casts / moulds / and other physical models you made, your field-trip sketch book and your site-diary from your many site visits.

You will have maximum 10 minutes to present your work. 15 min for questions / comments afterwards. We have invited Keita and Mo from unit H as our guest critics.

Please remember these mid term reviews form critical part of your assessment of the entire year. We expect everybody to present (no matter how much or little work you have) and to actively participate in open discussions on projects on both days (16th +19th)

These two days of reviews are very important to show you where you currently stand with your work, but also where your project might be heading to during the next term.

To engage in a discourse with external critics and presenting to an audience forms also part of the everyday life of a professional architect - important skills to develop and gain experience.

what students to present on what day to be issued on Friday.
running order announced on the day.


Tue 9 Tutorials Urban Furniture

Tutorials via sign-up list on the day from 10.00 onwards.
Remember to bring all your work in and if you are working on CAD make a print-out (A3 bw is fine)

Please remember to bring a few of your photographs (printed out) of the area you will be inserting your 'urban furniture'.

drawing (right) by Marija Stoliarova


Fri 5 Dec Lecture 10.00 + Tutorials

We will have a look a selection of portfolios of former Unit A students first thing in the morning. I think this is useful at this stage to show you how to connect individual pieces of work / bits of observations and personal lines of enquiry of you work.

Most of you are working with Indesign already to compose your drawings and sheets. If not yet, it's a good time now to try to get hold of a copy and set this up on your machine.

After this morning session I will run through the very basics of indesign for those of you that are new to it (20 min).

Rest of day working in the studio and tutorials through sign-up list as usual


Tue 2 Dec - Tutorials

Studio day with Tutorials from 10.00 onwards.
sign up in morning on the day. first come first served.

Come and work in the studio.

Make sure you have again all your drawings & relevant info with you (every tutorial - no excuses!):

urban furniture drawing, urban axo drawing with sections, 1:200 cross section with time-line and programme, 1:500 long-section (both sections with key plan indication your section line in plan), urban moment and all relevant info in terms of qualities of human occupation / activity / programme you wish to engage (photos, sketches, etc),  finished field-trip precedences drawn up / documented plus photos / sketches from sketchbook etc,  2D sections and axonometric drawings of your junction-models/ cast drawing, documentation of the model-making design process (version one / two / three /  with demoulding, etc. ), journey drawing ( day 1) + communication of other personal readings along the viaduct and your study area.