Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


L3: Structures Session with Atelier One this Friday

Here are a few examples of structural models, which will become the central piece of work to discuss your structural strategy of your building with structural engineer Elena Blanco Alba from Atelier One this Friday. We suggest that you make this model in scale 1:200 (or 1:100 if a small building).
This new model need to clearly communicate the basic structural principle you employ:

1. You need to show how vertical loads are distributed from top to bottom. Identify your primary structure and your secondary structure. (omit all elements that are non-structural / non-load bearing from the model for clarity)

2. You need to show how horizontal loads are distributed ( e.g. wind-loads, etc.)

3. Materiality. What materials are you using for your structure? (timber / steel / concrete / masonry / hybrid?)

Other information you need to be bring: (as print-outs) in order of importance are:

-proposed cross- and long-section 1:100 / 1:200 showing structural elements. 
-proposed plans 1:100 / 1:200 with context and structural grid-lines
-site plan / location plan 1:500 with context
-other working models / conceptual models
-precedence in terms of structural principles
-sketch detail of a key area of importance / connected to structure, e.g. joint / connection ( 1:20 / 1:10)
-key site photography (in case you work within existing  building)
-existing site elevations and sections
-your programme / brief
-collage / montage of key interior space with occupation
-Palermo case-study
-one page mould-making / casting
-Smithfield axo

Note to L2 students:
Even though you will not have a 1:1 with the structural engineer, this is the time to decide / design your structure. We expect you to produce a structural model to the above criteria for your next tutorial session.


Timetable update

Please see updated timetable for the remainder of the year.
L3 - please make a note in your diary regarding the RIBA external examination, that you need to attend.
L2+L3: see exhibition-building will start from Tue 1oth of June unit opening of End of year exhibition on Wed 18th June.


Fri 21 Mar - Site model workshop

We got the mirrored maps printed and got the Acetone.
We need all groups to attend from 10.00 am sharp (!!!!!!!) to get the site-model going  straight away so that it is finished by end of day. Not joking.

Please coordinate within your group. Really all hands needed. Especially the pocket space group. come on guys!!!

Once we have the map 'printed' onto the birch-ply, and using the bend-saw for cutting out of the study-area, you will be able to stick-down the volumes of existing / surrounding buildings that some groups started already...

In preparation for Friday we are asking all groups to finish your cutting of blocks and sanding, so that they are ready to go on the site model this Friday. The 1:500 unit site-model needs to be completed by end of day.

   Tutorials as set below still to happen in parallel.