Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


Fri 14 Feb tutorials & unit A meeting

We hope you had a good time writing your essays and hope most of that work was completed.
I think it would be useful for us to know what you wrote about as your theoretical position you elaborated, should inform design decision and your strategies for your design project. You choose what is best to keep us in the loop. verbal / copy of essay / in tutorials, etc.

So for this weeks tutorials, we want to pin down and agree with you the theme you wish to engage with in terms of the city and your responses in form of a small programme for Palermo, that complements / taps into the existing context.

Please have a good think about the "essence" of what your Smithfield observations and findings were about.
What is it about? A spatial quality? A material condition? A social incident? an awkward moment? the passage of time?
Try to focus on that core aspect of what you observed and were interested in and try to describe this very personal observation in a more conceptual / strategic from. 100-200 words? (yet staying factual). Remember this year is all about narrative.

Palermo project site and Kalsa study area:
In terms of observed activities and incidents that happened in the area surrounding your project site, pin down what of those activities are relevant to your previous work, interest you and draw them in relation to your project site. This - of course - will extend out form your project site and will define your 'personal' study area. You can do this as a line drawing overlay using one of the maps, or an aerial photograph using photoshop and masking things off that are irrelevant, or an axonometric.


Please REMEMBER to bring your entire portfolio with you.


10.00 Sonia,

10.30 Daniella R,

11.00 Anastasia, Andreas

11.30 Chido, Vaselieos

12.00 Aslihan, Irena

12.30 Ilianna, Isabella

13.00 lunch

14.00 Unit A meeting (everybody to attend)

15.00 Ruta, Akin, 

15.30 Ivan, Tiffany

16.00 Shakirin,  Ping,

16.30 .....

17.00 Beatriz, Natalie, Shiduo