Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


Building collapse at Piazza Garraffello

On the 5th February part of the facade of a derelict building collapsed into Piazza Garraffello that forms part of the Vucciria market. Firefighters and police cordoned off the square. Nobody was hurt.
In the days after a number of walls have been erected in the narrow streets leading to the square that are now entirely blocking access to it. Residents and local businesses are heavily affected by those closures.

Those actions have suddenly transformed the former social node into an urban void (similar to Piazza Magione). A no go area. A suspended public space. Interesting to see what will happen next?

LINK to repubblica newspaper article
LINK to repubblica newspaper article (google translate)

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