Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


Fri 29 Nov site workshop

Friday will be a full day in the studio with each site group finalising their site drawings by working together in the studio and pulling everything together in joint effort. everybody needs to attend. We will go round for group tutorials -sessions during the day. Afternoon will be an informal  pin-up and with every group presenting their sites, identifying the key themes. So please bring your laptops, print-outs of drawings, plans, sections, elevations, axos, and key site photos / panoramas and sketches. Start 10.00 / finish 17.00

Individual: everybody to bring along also your personal project review drawing of your selected building in Palermo. 


Mon 25 Nov Technology module: site seminar sessions

11.00 -13.00 site seminar with Hwei Fan in East Building room G 10.
Bring print outs of maps, photographs, site survey sketches, site drawings (in progress) etc. All relevant info about study area Palermo / Kalsa district and your project site. Each site team to present as group.

16.00 site seminar with Gennady in Sports block room 1.12.
Bring same as above plus info on predominat materials in study area, methods of construction, etc...
Again , this each site-group to present together.


project sites

urban maps

there are three different urban maps now uploaded to the dropbox.
There is one very detailed map that we got from Roberto Collova in a folder called 1:1000 kalsa map detail_high res: would be great if somebody with a fast machine could put the map-tiles together into one single image?

Fri 22 Nov - Site tutorials + lecture 14.00

Tutorials Friday will evolve around drawing the site condition.
Please check drop-box. I have uploaded the darwings we got from Roberto Collova.

Ruta, Vasilia, Irena, Chido

Adriely, Vaselieos, Tiffany, Isabella, Daniela B

Ivan, Arifa, Ilianna, Puja, Daniella

13.00 lunch

14.00 lecture

 Aslihan, Sonia, Marija, Ping, Anastasia, Marie

Andreas, Akin, Azizul, Shakirin


Tue 19 Nov - site drawings

Tuesday should evolve around exchanging site survey information, photographs etc and starting to collate all of these fragments into a set of comprehensive and clear as existing drawings. Draw up elevations, site sections, site axos and plans of your project sites, as well as drawing / documenting the larger surrounding context.
Each site-group to coordinate itself and to work in the studio on tuesday on this.

Friday tutorials will be in groups and about those site drawings.


field-trip guidebook

A digital version of the field-trip guidebook is available on the dropbox and all content /linked images have been uploaded there too. Feel free to use this resource as basic material for your portfolio, but make sure you are editing and adding your own information in order to critically make your personal point of view / architectural observation.

As a group we will update this guidebook with the experiences gained during the fieldtrip.
We will ask you to select key sketches, observations, photographs as well as drawing up one key spatial moment in form of a section of one of the visited building projects showing interior qualities at scale 1:50.


Hostel location

From the airport, take the public bus (approx. 6-7€) and drop of at Piazza Politeama (ask driver).
From here it's best to walk - approx 1.5 km - see map(s).  You may want to print this out. (Felix and myself are on the easyjet flight).please ignore earlier post which porposed route via central station - not good as full of thieves.

Address details of our hostel: 
Collegio di Maria,
Via Collegio Giusino, 37
tel. +39 329 1411371


Programme committee meeting

Hello everyone
There is another student reps meeting this friday at 1pm . If you have any complains or suggestions you would like us to raise please let us know.
Student complains are taken seriously.
As a result of student complains regarding limited workshop space additional workshop will be available after the winter  holidays.
So please if you have something in mind let us know.


Tue 5 Nov tutorials

Adriely,Isabella,  Vasileios,, Sonia,

Irena, Ping,  Daniella, Andreas,

, Marija, Daniela,  Tiffany, Puja,

13.00 Lunch

Anastasia, Ivan, chido, Akin

Aslihan, Vasilia, , Shakirin,

Ruta, Marie, Arifah, 
azizul, ilianna