Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


Tue 22 Oct Tutorials + Indesign session 16:00

Tuesday will continue as workshop / tutorial / casting session all day 10.00 - 18.00. So there is no need for allocated tutorial slots. We can do a sign-up on the day. Please remember to bring in your big axonometric drawing(s) of the urban moment, as well as initial portfolio sheets documenting the mould-making and casting experiments. The axonometrics should become finalised now, containing multiple layers of information. Also your 200 word conceptual texts would be good to see now. You can also e-mail those to Felix and me.

Indesign session at 16:00 (this is optional and will be a basic introduction to the set-up and use of indesign for use of portfolio-editing. (no need to attend this if you know all about it already - L3?)