Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri



Alongside your portfolio you should also submit your models and material studies. These are to be placed on our unit table and should be labelled clearly with your name.


belgium predecents

In case you are looking for plans & sections for your precedent studies of buildings we visited as part of our fieldtrip have a look here. Please make sure you either redraw the plans or mark up what specifics you were interested.


Thu 9 May 6.30 AVA - Highstreet London Lecture - CANCELLED

Tim Rettler studied with Peter Salter at UeL and works for the GLA / Mayors design office. He has closely been involved with Highstreet 2012, Aldgate East, Altab Ali park, Whitechapel Market etc

This lecture is an absolute MUST for all unit A students to provide you with a bigger understanding of processes related to Highstreet in the capital. The conditions we have been observing & working with in Whitechapel are exemplary to this. I trust this lecture will contain extremely useful information for you to contextualise and embed our unit A agenda (of "composite infrastructures") into the wider debate of urban regeneration and cultural change in London.

What we expect from your design work of this year is to argue a personal and critical point of view in relation to the current Highsteet debate.

You could use the lecture to "test" your ideas and participate to the discussion. What we want to see from you is an understanding and  critical reviewing / questioning of current policies that are being implemented / driven by the institutional bodies (Design for London, GLA, Tower Hamlets, etc.)  and your personal / alternative solutions and proposals / views on that as part of your design strategy.

On area this could be shown in your portfolio, is the "zoom-out drawing", we expect to see which takes on the wider scale of the city and speculates about future changes along the highsteet.


Elevations and sections


 Hey all!

I found some useful elevations + sections of neighboring buildings on Tower Hamlets planning website (Ibis hostel and the residential building behind the year 3 site) that can be useful for your section/elevation drawings. I uploaded them on drop box in the 03_site info folder.

Good luck!