Unit A

Unit A is an undergraduate design studio at the School of Architecture at the University of East London, lead by Carsten Jungfer and Ferndanda Palmieri


Thu 13 Dec 18.00 - Helene Binet Lecture

This is a must see for all unit A students. Helene Binet is the most amazing architectural photographer. Not to be missed. Very relevant for us as a unit and for your second term.

Thu 13 Dec, 6pm Level 1


Final crits Tue 11 + Fri 14 Dec

As you know final crits are happening during next week. You are expected to attend both crit dates and present all your work of this semester so far. See below who is preseting on what days.

Tue 11 Dec, start 10.00 sharp

morning: Keita Tajima (unit H) + CJ
afternoon: Christian Groothuizen (unit H) + SSW

students that will be presenting:
Becky, Elias, Mimi, Quendressa, Julia, Maria, Ash, Mary, Ingrid, Michalis, Nadira, Savvas, Niki, Dishav, Mika.


Fri 14 Dec, start 10.00 sharp

morning: Tak Hoshino + SWW + CJ
afternnnon: Shaun Ryder + SWW + CJ

students that will be presenting: 
Shafia, Anja, Theo, Ayoub, Paulina, Rozhgar, Sara, Angeliki, Nora, Mohtasham, Spencer, Baker, Daniel, Mobasher, Emmanuel.


Year 3 TS Meeting + cleaned unit space

Hi All,

Nora has worked on the layout for the TS report and has asked for our opinions on it. And we are handing in the TS report the 17th dec (soon!) so we decided it would be good to do a check up on all the workshop reports to make sure that we are on top on things.

Meeting about this will take place tomorrow 4th dec 13 pm in our unit space.

Also, me and Paulina has cleaned up the unit space a little, everything that we think is belongs to unit A is now in the shelves. There is however some things that does not seem to belong to anyone. These things are placed on the table next to the shelves, please have a look through and see if anything is yours.