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Architecture on Film: Le Centre Georges Pompidou / Cloud Island


Tuesday 11 December 2012, 7pm
Cinema 1, Barbican Centre, London EC2Y 8DS
Thie year's final screening of Architecture on Film explores the use of architecture and art as agents of urban change, through films documenting two world-leading, yet very different museums. Roberto Rossellini’s final film, a beautiful depiction of the opening of Paris’s Le Centre Georges Pompidou, will be viewed in the same sitting as Fiona Tan's Cloud Island – an intimate portrait of the small island of Inujima, at the time of its transformation into an outpost of the Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum.
Standard: £10.50 online (£11.50 otherwise) / AF Members: £8.50 online (£9.50 otherwise) / Concessions: £9.50 (£10.50 otherwise)/ Online: barbican.org.uk / Tel (9am – 8pm): +44 (0)20 7638 8891


Tue 27 Nov - Tutorials

I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did and found inspiration in some of the buildings we saw.

We have now only two weeks to go until the crits during last week of term... so please have a look again at the drawing list and switch into your highest gear in terms of production. (list we posted for the interim crit)

For next tutorial please bring with you:
1 All drawings + amended / new drawings as per comments & issues raised by critics. Make sure you also have orthographic line drawings
2 Further site observations / site analysis in connection with your personal interest / threshold design / criteria. Clarity of who your design is interacting with, e.g. user-groups
3 Clarity of idea / criteria of what your threshold is about and how it performs
4 Idea / sketch for drawings / visualisation with context to show a specific scenarios / moment in time / situation of your threshold intervention with public realm.


Field trip

We will meet at 6:45 am on Tuesday in front of the Eurostar check-in gates at St. Pancras International station. (in time for our 8:04 departure) Please remember your ticket (& reference if you still need to print it) & of course passport / ID card, etc.

For those who travel by different means here are following meeting points if you join us during the day.

11:00 Brussels Gare de Midi. (Eurostar exit) inside the station hall at groundfloor. 

15:30 Bronks Children's Theatre, Varkensmarkt 15, Brussels.
We have an appointment at 15.30 to be shown around the theatre.

Location in Google map see here:

After the theatre visit we will take a train to Gent - where we will head to the hostels - addresses here.
Make sure you have a note of the address, just in case.

Ecohostel Andromeda
Bargiekaai 35
9000 Gent, Belgium
tel +32 (0)486 67 80 33

Hostel Uppelink
Sint-Michielsplein 21
9000 Gent, Belgium
tel +32 (0)9279 44 77


Fri 16 Nov - Field trip guide workshop

Hello unit A - Field trip guide workshop: we meet at 10.30 to edit / work / collate and collectively produce our Belgium field-trip guide with information about all the building we intend to see. This will take up all day and will be quite a challenge to do, so all hands are essential needed! Please bring your A4 print-out with you for reviewing and your computer to work on.

14.00 Field-trip briefing / practical things...

Itinerary Map LINK


Drama in Belgium

Just something fun that I saw on youtube that relates to what I'm writing for the Belgium guide book. Public squares in Belgium.

Press the link to ad some drama.


Interim crit / pin-up Tue 13 Nov - 10.00 to 17.00

Just to reiterate that Tuesday will be a full day event and everybody is expected to participating in the review process / open crit. We will start at 10.00 in the studio and finish around 17.00.
A3 sized reductions of your work is fine to save you on printing costs - there might be some drawings though, that you may want show at original size. 


Yr 3 Technical studies

Dear Unit A 3rd years,

As you know we are having technical studies every Monday and this Monday we are blending some more concrete and making the concrete beam.
This Monday it is Anjas and Ayoubs turn to make the report of the process but it is still important that everybody else are attending.
On Monday me Julia and Marion are going to bring some textures for the concrete beam and tejp the inside of the form work. If anyone have some textures at home that they want to try out for the concrete beam then you are welcome to join on Monday 9 am in the unit space.

Have a nice weekend!


Kengo Kuma at Bartlett 7th Nov